April 20, 2017

Carpet Trends: texture and patterns

Ready to buy new carpet but looking to do something new? Hoping to break out of the rut of boring neutral carpets and add a sense of style to your room from the ground up? Gather some flooring inspiration from today's carpet trends. Patterned carpets and carpets with texture are all the rage - for both practical and pretty reasons.

The subtle texture and pattern in this carpet add a new sense of style to the room

April 18, 2017

Kitchen Flooring Trends: Waterproof flooring

Hard surface flooring stands up to the demands of a kitchen. Easy to clean. Handles spills easily. Many design options from which to choose. Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, luxury vinyl, hardwood, laminate wood... all of these are great choices for your kitchen. Current kitchen flooring trends have two of these floor types rising above the rest: luxury vinyl and waterproof composite flooring.

Practical, beautiful tile is the perfect floor for this kitchen

April 13, 2017

Highlight the texture in your hardwood flooring

Indianapolis homeowners choose hardwood flooring for many reasons. Hardwood floors are beautiful and tend to grow in beauty as time goes on. They are long-lasting and add value to the home. And hardwood floors let you bring a bit of nature inside - a look that works just as well in traditional home decor as it does in contemporary design.

Different wood treatments let the natural grains shine through in your hardwood floor

Hardwood flooring really never goes out of style. Types of hardwood will become more or less popular through the years though and one trend we're seeing hearkens back to the days when hardwood flooring was just a little less finished than it is today. Highlighting the texture that is naturally present in your hardwood floor changes the whole appearance of the floor while still keeping all the benefits of today's hardwood manufacturing techniques.
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