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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Understanding hardwood flooring prices

Hardwood floors come in a variety of styles and prices. From the most expensive - solid hardwood - to the least expensive - laminate wood - hardwood floors are a beautiful investment in your home. How do you decide which is best for you? Budget is certainly one factor. Let's try to break down hardwood flooring prices. 

Solid hardwood prices

Solid hardwood is always going to be at the top of the price range. Particularly if you're looking at exotic hardwoods such as mahogany, Brazilian cherry or teak. With proper maintenance, solid hardwood will last the lifetime of your home. It's heavy; can be sanded and refinished multiple times; and installation is expensive because of the natural characteristics of each board.

Learn more about solid hardwood flooring from Indianapolis floor store Kermans.

Engineered wood prices

Engineered wood is a little easier on the budget because it combines the strengths of solid hardwood with the flexibility of manufacture, laminate wood. Just like solid hardwood, exotic finishes are going to be more expensive than more common wood species such as oak or maple.

Laminate wood prices

Laminate wood offers the most affordable wood flooring option. It's not quite as durable as solid hardwood but it is also not nearly as susceptible to problems from moisture or humidity. Laminate flooring is also very easy to install. Laminate flooring has come a long way and is available in a variety of finishes that can be the perfect fit in many room situations.

Learn more about engineered and laminate wood flooring. 

You should also consider cork flooring and bamboo flooring. Often times these environmentally friendly wood options are easier on the budget while offering many of the features of hardwood, engineered wood or laminate wood flooring. Each type of wood floor has its own benefits and strengths. You can learn more about the different types of hardwood flooring prices and options at Kermans in our Types of Hardwood section.

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Hardwood flooring prices are dependent on a number of factors particularly wood species and grade of wood. Let the experts at Kermans help you understand the range of hardwood flooring prices and the benefits of each type of wood flooring. Stop by our showroom on the northside of Indianapolis to see our hardwood floor options and learn which is the best fit for your home. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why Kermans is your top Indianapolis carpet store

When it is time to shop for carpet, we know you have a lot of choices. Here are three reasons why you should shop at Indianapolis carpet store, Kermans. 

Many people assume that the best deals will be found at a "big box" store. However, we've found the opposite to be true. As a family-owned and operated business, Kermans has built a reputation with carpet manufacturers and is able to offer an impressive array of high-quality, affordable carpet. Our collection of products, designs and brands fit budgets both large and small.

Learn more about how to pick the best carpet in our online carpet buyer's guide.

Great Selection
Kermans, carries leading carpet manufacturers like Fabrica, Mohawk, Karastan and Shaw Floors. Our Indianapolis carpet store showcases a wide variety of carpet manufacturers, designs and styles. From cut pile to berber from twisted fibers to looped - Kermans has a selection of carpet to meet any need. Check out our carpet education video to learn more about the differences in carpet types:


The Kermans Advantage 
Homeowners in Avon, Zionsville, Fishers, Carmel and the entire Indianapolis area have installed carpet from Kermans in their home for decades. Over time we have built a solid reputation in our community and with carpet dealers. That reputation allows us to pass on savings and selection that you won't find elsewhere. It's what we call the Kermans Advantage. When you shop at Kermans you can rest assured that you will receive:

  • Quality floor coverings 
  • Excellent, individual service 
  • Expert advice from our designers 
  • Experienced installation 
Learn more about the Kermans Advantage.
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Kermans has been Indianapolis' carpet store since 1921. We invite you to visit our showroom in the Castleton area of Indianapolis to see our selection of carpet styles and colors for yourself. Our design experts will be ready to help you make the best decision for your home and budget. We look forward to meeting you!  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Best way to clean hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are a popular item at our Indianapolis showroom. Homeowners looking to add hardwood flooring to their home are looking at an investment that will last decades when properly maintained. So just how do you take care of hardwood floors? Here are some tips from our partner HGTV:

Best ways to clean hardwood floors

1. Do not use harsh cleaning products or a wet mop. Instead, try boiling water and two teabags. The tannic acid in tea creates a beautiful shine for hardwood floors. Let two teabags steep in a cup or two of boiling water for a few minutes. Pour the tea into a bucket. Take a soft cloth and wring it out in the tea - the cloth should not be dripping wet, just damp - and use the cloth to wipe the floor clean.

2. Have scratches in your hardwood floor? Try this trick: take a crayon the color of the floor and rub it on the scratch to fill the gap. Turn a blow dryer on high, heat the area where the crayon was applied and buff it with a soft cloth.

Learn more about how to clean hardwood floors in our online hardwood care guide.

Kermans is Indianapolis' HGTV Home Flooring by Shaw authorized retailer

Kermans is pleased to partner with HGTV to offer their popular HGTV Home Flooring by Shaw product line to Indianapolis. Whether you are looking for design tips or cleaning tips for your hardwood floor - HGTV is a wonderful resource.

Stop by Kermans today and ask to see our HGTV Home Flooring by Shaw offerings.

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When you are shopping for hardwood floors, carpet, tile or area rugs - shop at Kermans. Our design experts will help you select the best floor for your budget. Stop by our showroom on the northside and see our hardwood floor selection for yourself. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the service and quality you've always heard about comes with a price tag that is very affordable. That is the Kermans Advantage.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Indianapolis Area Rug Winner: Dale and Barbara M. (March 2014)

Our Indianapolis flooring store selected another lucky Rug-A-Month Giveaway recipient - Dale and Barbara Millington from Indianapolis, Indiana. Dale and Barbara's names were selected via entry on Facebook. When we let them know that they were chosen at random as our latest winners, they sent this note:
"We love Kermans. They have the best installers, and if there is ever a problem--like, if your dog chews up your carpeting--they have the best repair team. Now we not only have terrific carpeting and hardwood from Kermans, but we have a fabulous area rug, too. Thank you so much!"
Dale and Barbara chose a very detailed design with a high contrast center.
Dale and Barbara were selected via Facebook as our our 36th recipient of Kermans Flooring "Rug-A-Month" giveaway
If you would like to be a winner too, sign up for our email newsletter (receive once-a-month tips, videos and exclusive sales) or LIKE us on Facebook (be sure to type WIN on our wall with your phone number or email address to be qualified). A monthly winner is selected and will be notified by email or phone call. Double your chances by signing up for both networks!

Looking for hardwood for your home? You should consider Kermans. Our goal is to provide you with quality hardwood products that beautify your home, meet your specific performance and budget needs, are easy to care for and stand the test of time. Check out our buyer's guide for more information. Also you can check out our website or visit our showroom to check out our flooring designs.

Congratulations to Dale and Barbara from Kermans Flooring. 

We have 100 years of experience in flooring in Indianapolis, a newly remodeled showroom, and quality products for every budget.  Come in today and see for yourself.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Best hardwood flooring in Indianapolis

Wood flooring offers many choices: laminate, cork, bamboo, hardwood and more. Turn to the Indianapolis flooring experts at Kermans for your best hardwood flooring selection.

Hardwood flooring in Indianapolis is a timeless trend.

Hardwood flooring is a timeless trend.

Hardwood flooring is an investment in your home. While it never goes out of style, we're seeing a resurgance in wood flooring in Indianapolis. Distressed wood or hand-scraped wood lend a rustic, natural look to a room. Ebonized hardwood takes an ordinary maple or oak floor to a lustrous new, dark glow. Exotic wood floors such as Brazilian cherry or Mahogany is more accessible than ever thanks to advances in manufactured wood flooring such as laminate or engineered wood. You can even be environmentally friendly with wood flooring by looking at cork or bamboo options. Whether you want to follow some of these recent hardwood flooring trends or go a more traditional route, hardwood is the floor for you.

Indianapolis hardwood flooring is an excellent choice.

Indianapolis homeowners have turned to hardwood flooring for years but it's never been easier to have wood flooring in your home. 

Gone are the days where natural hardwoods are the only options for hardwood flooring in Indianapolis. Today's homeowners have a host of wood materials to get just the right look in any room of the house. Indianapolis flooring store, Kermans, carries the top wood flooring manufacturers and styles at prices to fit any budget.

Best wood flooring types:

  • Solid hardwood flooring
  • Engineered wood flooring
  • cork flooring
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Laminate wood flooring

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For the best hardwood flooring in Indianapolis, turn to Kermans. Stop by our showroom on the northside and see our hardwood floor selection for yourself. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the service and quality you've always heard about comes with a price tag that is very affordable. That is the Kermans Advantage.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Best flooring for basement

Looking for the best flooring for your basement? Look no further than Indianapolis flooring store Kermans.

The primary concern when selecting flooring for your basement is water. It is not uncommon for a basement to experience water damage since it is below ground. Basements are also notoriously humid environments so any flooring materials will need to be able to stand up to a moist, potentially wet, situation. With that in mind, let's look at the best water resistant floor options for your basement:

Laminate wood flooring for your basement

Engineered or laminate wood flooring is a great basement floor choice.

Laminate or engineered wood's water-resistant qualities make it more desirable for basement flooring. It is also typically installed over a pad which helps lend your basement some warmth since it adds an extra layer over the concrete sub-floor. You can easily soften up a wood floor with area rugs. And its finishes are extremely durable which is a definite plus in a room that is likely to see quite a bit of traffic and entertaining.

Laminate or engineered wood has a wide variety of finishes and colors to fit in with any decor.

Tile floor for your basement

Tile is the perfect choice for basement flooring.

Tile is the perfect choice for basement flooring. It is waterproof making clean-ups easy but also offering some protection against any basement water damage. Tile is also much more forgiving on a potentially uneven sub-floor. And since you can install tile directly onto the concrete, there's no concern about shortening the space between the floor and the ceiling - an issue in many basements that start with already low ceilings.

Tile comes in a surprising array of colors and styles for a lovely, durable impression.

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When you're looking for the best basement flooring in Indianapolisstop by Kermans Flooring on Indianapolis' northside. Talk to our design experts and explore your options with no pressure and lots of information. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the service and quality you've always heard about comes with a price tag that is very affordable. You simply won’t find this service and value anywhere else. That is the Kermans Advantage.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Best flooring for dogs

What is the best pet-friendly flooring? Your Indianapolis flooring experts at Kermans have great flooring ideas for homes with pets.

Dogs and cats pose a tricky floor dilemma. You need something that will stand up to the scratching of their claws. You need something that is easy to clean up when the inevitable accidents happen. And of course you want something that matches your home decor and looks nice. The best flooring for dogs (or cats) needs to be easy to maintain, durable and look nice.

Photo by Andrew Lynch, CC by 2.0

What is the best flooring for dogs or cats?

Tile ranks top of the list for people looking for the best flooring for pets. Tile flooring is great for cats and dogs because it is:
  • easy to clean and maintain - a broom and a mop will help control that pet fur
  • scratch resistant - those little claws won't damage your floor
  • waterproof - you'll no concerns about spills from water or food bowls
View our Tile Buyer's Guide for more information.

If you're concerned about having a soft spot for Fido to rest his head or for you to have underfoot, add some area rugs. Area rugs soften up a tile floor for both you and your pets. Area rugs come in a surprising variety of colors and styles so you'll also be able to liven up your decor. Learn more about area rugs at Kermans.

Here's a pet owner and Kermans customer who understands the challenges of finding the right floor for a busy home:

Laminate wood flooring is a reasonable floor for homes with pets. It is more durable than most hardwoods so it won't scratch as easily. It's also easy to clean and maintain. It's not waterproof like tile though so you'll need to carefully consider where you put your pets food and water dishes. Also clean up after accidents or from tracking in water and mud will need to be done promptly.

What about natural hardwood? Natural hardwood is an option but know that you'll need to refinish it occasionally because of scratches. And it is far less resistant to water damage than laminate. Learn more about wood floor options for pets.

Many pet owners shy away from carpet simply because it is harder to clean with shedding, messy pets. That doesn't mean you can't have carpet though. When you have cats or dogs you should look for carpet that has cut pile so it won't catch on their claws. You'll also want carpet with solid stain resistant fibers. Karastan's SmartStrand is a very durable, stain resistant option that can be great for homes with pets.

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The design experts at Kermans are ready to help you meet the challenge of finding the best flooring for dogs. Stop by our Indianapolis flooring showroom and learn more about the durable and beautiful flooring we have to offer.