May 25, 2017

Tips for finding the perfect area rug

Area rugs are both one of the most versatile and most misunderstood flooring options. Too often people relegate area rugs to a hallway or beneath a dining room table. They're missing some of the best applications for area rugs! With a little knowledge about size, shape and placement - you can use an area rug to update any room in your house.

This area rug softens the room and defines the sitting area.

May 23, 2017

How to care for your resilient floor

This wood-like resilient floor is beautiful requires easy maintenance
Luxury vinyl flooring and waterproof composite flooring are both variations of resilient flooring. By its very nature, resilient flooring is... well resilient! It can stand up to just about anything life has to offer and its maintenance needs are very minimal. Follow these easy care guidelines and your resilient floors will look beautiful for years to come.

May 18, 2017

Making a custom area rug from carpet

If you've ever shopped for an area rug you know that the selections can be dizzying. Shapes, sizes, designs, patterns, colors... and yet sometimes you can't find the right size or shape for your particular room or sitting area. Stop shopping and start looking at custom area rugs. They are more accessible than you might realize! Kermans Flooring can make a custom area rug from any type of carpet.

This area rug defines space and adds softness underfoot
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