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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Best carpet for busy homes

One morning you sit down at the kitchen table with your cup of coffee and before you look at today's schedule on your mobile, you glance at the living room. In the early morning light you notice a distinct worn path - straight from the kitchen to the stairs. No matter how often you vacuum, no matter how faithfully you have your carpets cleaned, when you have a busy house it is bound to show in your carpet after a few years.

You could look at hardwood or tile floors for that space. You know that they stand up well to wear and tear. But you really want carpet. Do you have a good choice that can stand up to a busy household? The answer here at Kermans is a resounding yes! Let's look at some carpets that fit right into your steadily active life.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Making hardwood floor trends work for you

Hardwood flooring comes in such a wide variety - different species of wood (oak, maple, pine, cherry, teak...) and then within each species you also can choose shades of color - reds, browns, grays, blacks...

Every few years we notice that some species and shades of hardwood flooring rise above others. They become more popular and are featured in more design plans. What are those hardwood trends and how can you make them work in your home? Let's look at some current hardwood floor trends and a few timeless classics.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Getting the most out of your flooring budget

When it's time to shop for new flooring in Indianapolis you have no shortage of options. Large hardware stores. Discount stores. Online vendors. Family-owned stores. How do you choose the best place to get your new carpet, hardwood or tile? Does it even make a difference? How do you compare one store to another?

We know that price makes a big difference and we are happy to know that we compete well on price. But the best store for new flooring has to do more than just compete on price. We think it comes down to three key factors. Three things that tell you if you are getting the most for your flooring budget.