September 21, 2017

Three quick tile flooring care tips

Properly maintaining your floor is the most important thing you can do to protect your flooring investment and keep your floor looking like new. Tile floors - as with many hard surface floor choices - are pretty easy to clean and maintain. That doesn't mean they can be ignored however. If you don't keep up with basic maintenance, you'll soon end up with a dull, dirty floor that will need to be replaced earlier than it should. The tile flooring experts at Kermans Flooring in Indianapolis have three simple tips that help you stay on top of your tile flooring care.

Close up of tile floor

September 19, 2017

Which types of floors are best for those with allergies?

If you have allergies, the type of floor you choose can have a big impact on your health. Generally speaking, hard surface floors are the best options. Carpet tends to trap common allergens while hard surface floors are easy to clean and can't hold onto common irritants. Let's take a closer look at the best floor choices for those with allergies.

A close up look at this hardwood floor with a baseball mitt and card collection

September 15, 2017

Bathroom flooring ideas and trends

Before you start shopping for your new bathroom floor, take some time to learn about bathroom flooring ideas and trends. From shiny glass tile to ebony wood-like luxury vinyl, there's a world of beautiful bathroom flooring waiting just for you.

bathroom tile examples

The gold standard in bathrooms: tile

When you're considering new floors or walls for your bathroom, your thoughts naturally turn to tile. Tile is easy to clean, moisture resistant and with its wide range of types and styles there is sure to be an option for your floor or backsplash. Mohawk Flooring does a nice job summarizing current trends in tile floors and walls. Whether you're looking for a clean, modern look or a bold accent - tile is a great place to start.

Consider all the options for your bathroom flooring

Tile isn't necessarily the only solution when it comes to bathroom flooring ideas. The resilient flooring category has some beautiful and practical options to consider. Perhaps the best of those are waterproof composite tiles. Shaw Floors has a specially designed line of luxury vinyl designed specifically for rooms that have water concerns.  Another popular bathroom floor brand, Armstrong, offers their own solution in both tiles and planks.

Tile, luxury vinyl, waterproof composite... there are more choices than many homeowners realize when it comes to bathroom flooring. Not sure what type of floor is best for your bathroom? Start with Mannington Tile's Floor Finder tool.

Trends in bathroom flooring

There are certainly many practical concerns when it comes to bathroom flooring. And for every practical answer, there's also a design that matches your personal style. Today's flooring choices open up a world of design style to your bathroom and beyond.

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