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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three reasons carpet is a great choice

Kermans has been one of the top Indianapolis carpet stores for decades. We've watched trends come and go. There's one trend that's never gone out of style in Indianapolis: carpet. 

Three reasons carpet is the
choice for Indianapolis homeowners

Carpet adds warmth to a room. 

Carpet isn't just warm underfoot, it is an insulator that helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Combined with a high quality carpet pad, your carpet can actually play an energy saving role in your home.

From a virtual sense, carpet also adds a warm feel - it makes a room feel more comfortable and cozy. It also quiets a space, something that can be particularly useful in an open floor plan with high celings.

Carpet is versatile and works with any decorating style.

Carpet comes in so many styles, colors and types that you can use carpet in any room of your home. Carpet styles are influenced by traffic patterns; room use; style of furniture; anticipated wear and tear; and of course color and design. You'll want to take all of these factors into consideration when you pick carpet for your home.  Learn more about popular types of carpet.

Carpet is easy to care for.

With regular care, your carpet will last and look good for years to come. What does that carpet care entail? Regular vacuuming - at least once a week. Occasional carpet cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner - every 12-18 months. And prompt clean up of spills. Learn vacuum tips to keep your carpet looking its best.

Bonus Tip: How to clean up spills on your carpet

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Indiana Area Rug Winner: Beverly Tetrick (July 2014)

Our Indianapolis flooring store selected another lucky Rug-A-Month Giveaway recipient: Beverly Tetrick from Indianapolis.

Beverly's name was selected at random via her entry on Facebook. After Beverly stopped by Kerman to pick out her free area rug, she sent this note:
“When I went to the showroom, the Kermans designers were very helpful and friendly. I loved looking at the all the different flooring.”
After finding a place for the area rug in her home, she followed up with this enthusiastic message:
“My new rug is so soft. I'm loving it!”
Great news, Beverly. We're so happy you're enjoying it.

Will you be next?

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Congratulations again to Beverly, and to all of our past 40 winners, from Kermans Flooring.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Is hardwood flooring good for kitchens?

A trend for kitchens in Indianapolis is hardwood flooring. Traditionally, people shy away from wood flooring in their kitchen - after all it's an area of high traffic, spills and drops. Others have had hardwood floors for decades with beautiful results. Considering hardwood floor in your Indianapolis kitchen? We've outlined some popular pros and cons to consider. 

Pros & Cons of hardwood floor in kitchens 


  • The same pros that hold true for hardwood in any room are valid in the kitchen. Hardwood floors are warm, inviting and cozy. They are a beautiful, long-lasting investment that never goes out of style. 
  • Hardwood floors are comfortable underfoot in any season. They are also a bit more forgiving when you drop plates or glass on them - things that are almost certain to shatter when dropped on a tile floor.  
  • If you have an open floor plan and want hardwood floors, using them in your kitchen eliminates the need for any floor transitions.

Learn more about solid hardwood flooring available at Indianapolis wood flooring store Kermans.


  • Hardwood floors are expensive. 
  • Hardwood floors are easily damaged by water. 
  • Hardwood floors need to be carefully cared for - swept regularly and all spills wiped up immediately.

Still not sure if hardwood is right for you? 

Here are some tips to counteract the most common points against hardwood in the kitchen.

  • Pick a hard species of wood such as oak or ash. Their grain patterns and textures will also help disguise inevitable scratches and dents. 
  • Consider floating wood floors such as laminate or engineered wood for the same look but fewer concerns over wear and tear or water damage. 
  • Bamboo wood flooring and cork wood flooring are both more water resistant and tough species of wood to handle the high traffic of a kitchen.

Central Indiana knows Kermans has a reputation for offering a wide variety of flooring at affordable pricing. Now is an excellent time to shop for area rugs at Kermans:

Kermans is the best source of hardwood flooring in Indianapolis. Stop by our showroom on the northside of Indianapolis and talk to our staff. We'll be happy to talk through the pros and cons for hardwood floor in your Indianapolis kitchen - or any room in your home!