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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Selecting the right wood floor

Hardwood flooring is seen in homes throughout Indianapolis. Available in many shades and wood types, wood flooring is a great fit for nearly any decor. If you're considering wood flooring for your Indianapolis home, we encourage you to stop by Kermans and learn about your options.

Let's highlight two key considerations in selection the right wood floor for your home.

1. Hardwood vs Laminate

Hardwood flooring is typically what comes to mind when thinking of wood flooring. It is solid wood planks cut from a variety of trees - most often oak, maple or pine. Hardwood floors can come from any type of wood, however, ranging from dark walnut to exotic mahogany.

Laminate flooring has the look of wood but is made from different materials to make it more affordable, more resistant to moisture and easier to install in a wider variety of room situations.

Learn more about types of hardwood available at Indianapolis hardwood flooring store, Kermans.

2. Plank width

Plank width used to be more a factor of wood type but today is more a reflection of design preference. Standard wood planks come in 2-3 inch width. However, it is becoming more and more common to see 5 inch planks or wider. Most wood floors will come in a range of widths that could go as wide as 10 inches. You'll want to keep the overall size of your room in mind when selecting plank width - a smaller room may not work well with very wide planks for example.

Who says you have to pick just one? You can also select varying plank widths to add more character to a wood floor. Planks of varying width add a more rustic, handmade feel to a room. While narrow, consistent planks add a more upscale, polished appearance.

More about Indianapolis wood flooring

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Indianapolis hardwood flooring store, Kermans, loves to help homeowners select the right wood floor for your home, budget and lifestyle. Stop by our showroom on the northside of Indianapolis and review our selection of solid hardwood, laminate, cork, and bamboo flooring. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Selecting the right color carpet

Homeowners shopping for carpet in Indianapolis have many considerations and color is likely to be top of the list. Indianapolis carpet store, Kermans, has some great questions to examine when you're looking for new carpet.

Questions to ask when buying carpet:

How will the room be used? A room with lots of traffic or one that is used often may not be the best place for light-colored or white carpet. A darker carpet also does a better job of masking stains from spills in a busy rec room or basement. Patterned carpets can be an excellent choice for a room with lots of activity as well.

Will there be kids playing on the floor frequently? Lighter carpets are notorious for shedding lint. However, there are different fiber choices and treatments that can help with that. Ask the experts at Indianapolis carpet store, Kermans for their recommendations on carpet fiber choice and style.

Learn more about carpet types.

How big is the room? Lighter colored carpets can make smaller rooms feel bigger. Likewise, larger rooms can feel cozier with darker color carpets. Kermans receptionist, Sharon Syester notes, "Gray color tones are very popular right now and work well in any size room since they come in a wide range of light to dark shades."

What is the feel of the space to be carpeted? A den or library lends itself to darker colors and a cozier feel. A dark living room can brighten up with a light colored carpet. Color types play a factor here as well - cool colors such as blues, greens and greys will lend a calming, quiet influence to your decor. Warmer colors like reds, golds and browns tend to bring a cozier feel.

Learn more about color types and carpet. 

What kind of light is in the room? Carpet color will look different in natural light vs manufactured light. Even rooms with lots of windows can show a carpet differently. Northern exposures give less light than southern exposures. You'll also want to keep carpet color fading in mind with lots of windows.

The designers at Kermans carpet store in Indianapolis can help you answer questions about how light affects you carpet choice. We also encourage you to take carpet swatches home with you to see how they look in the room, at different times of day and with the existing decor.

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When you're shopping for carpet in Indianapolis - stop by Kermans in Castleton. We have a wide selection of carpet to meet every need and budget. Plus our free design assistance can help you make just the right match for your home. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kermans has the best Indianapolis flooring selection

When shopping for new flooring, many people assume that a 'big box' store will offer a wider variety and more affordable options than a locally owned and operated business. Stop by Indianapolis flooring store Kermans and you'll quickly see this is not true. Kermans has been a family-owned Indianapolis flooring store since 1921. We carry a wide variety of high-quality, affordable carpet, tile, and wood floors. 

What makes Kermans your best Indianapolis floor store?

It's what we call the Kermans Advantage. As one of the largest flooring stores in Central Indiana, Kermans has the ability to offer options other stores can't. Learn more about the Kermans Advantage.

Indianapolis' carpet store

Carpet remains a very popular choice with Indianapolis home owners. It's comfortable, comes in a variety of styles, and is very affordable. Kermans carries popular carpet styles such as loop, cut pile and textured carpets to meet the needs of any room. Learn more about carpet at Kermans.

Indianapolis' tile store

The versatile qualities of tile are making it pop up in far more than kitchen floors. We're seeing homeowners buying tile for bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes just as often as they are for entry way floors and bathrooms. Today's tile isn't just for flooring. Stop by Kermans and our design experts will show you the surprising array of styles and colors of tile available - glass, metal, ceramic and more! Learn more about tile at Kermans. 

Indianapolis' wood store

From natural hardwood to laminate wood flooring, Kermans is Indianapolis' source for wood flooring. We also carry increasingly popular wood floors such as cork and bamboo. Wood floors have always been sought for their warm, inviting appearance and now they can be available for any budget. Learn more about wood floor at Kermans.

It's nice to know that when you need a variety of flooring
you have one Indianapolis flooring store that covers it all! 

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When you're looking for flooring for your Carmel, Zionsville, Avon or Fishers home - stop by Kermans in Indianapolis and let our free design experts help you make the best selections for all the rooms in your home.  Our expert consultants offer unparalleled customer service and can recommend just the right wood flooring selections for your budget, type of foot traffic, and living space. We look forward to meeting you!  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Indiana Area Rug Winner: Donna W. (June 2014)

Our Indianapolis flooring store selected another lucky Rug-A-Month Giveaway recipient: Donna Williams from Tipton, Indiana.

Donna's name was selected via her entry on Facebook. When we let Donna know that she was chosen at random from all of our Facebook fans as our latest winner, she sent this note:
"I love my new rug from Kerman's Flooring! It is so versatile that I haven't decided where to use it. Thank you Kerman's!"

After testing her free area rug in three different spots in her home, Donna emailed us to reveal the rug's final new home: her kitchen. Looks good, Donna!

If you would like to be a winner too, sign up for our email newsletter (receive once-a-month tips, videos andexclusive sales) or LIKE us on Facebook. Be sure to type WIN on our wall with your phone number or email address to qualify. Once a new monthly winner is chosen, we will notify him/her by email or phone call.

Want to double your chances? Sign up for the email newsletter and LIKE us on Facebook.

Congratulations again to Donna, and all our 39 past winners, from Kermans Flooring.

Will you be next?

If you're looking for hardwood for your home, consider Kermans. Our goal is to provide you with quality hardwood products that beautify your home, meet your specific performance and budget needs, are easy to care for and stand the test of time. Check out our buyer's guide for more information. Also you can check out or visit our showroom to check out our flooring designs.

We have 100 years of experience in flooring in Indianapolis, a newly remodeled showroom, and quality products for every budget. Come in today and see for yourself.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Indianapolis Hardwood Flooring Buyer's Guide

What you need to know when you are buying hardwood flooring.

1. Size

We're not talking size of room (though that's important too), we're talking the size of the wood planks. If you go with laminate or solid hardwood flooring you'll have a choice in plank width. Hardwood flooring comes in boards referred to as strips or planks. Strips are typically narrow in width with planks offering a wider board. The width of the board can visually impact a room. Strips will visually expand a room while planks work best in a larger area.

2. Color and finish

Each species of wood offers different characteristics of color, wood grain and hardness. If you're looking at laminate wood flooring you still need to consider the color and grain patterns since the top layer of laminate flooring mimics those characteristics of natural hardwood. Learn more about laminate flooring.

3.  Hardwood types

Solid hardwood or laminate? What's the difference between laminate wood flooring and engineered wood flooring? Is cork or bamboo wood flooring a good idea for your basement? Indianapolis hardwood flooring store Kermans can answer these questions and more. Wood flooring comes in a surprising variety of options and each has specific benefits for your room use. Learn more about popular types of hardwood flooring.

More questions to ask when you are shopping for hardwood flooring in Indianapolis. 

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Kermans is your best Indianapolis hardwood flooring store. We invite you to visit our showroom in the Castleton area of Indianapolis to see our selection of wood flooring styles and colors for yourself. Our expert consultants offer unparalleled customer service and can recommend just the right wood flooring selections for your budget, type of foot traffic, and living space. We look forward to meeting you!  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Indianapolis carpet store cleaning tips

Some great carpet cleaning tips to get you and your carpet through a busy summer!

1. Keep clean towels handy and tackle spills immediately.

There are two keys to taking care of spills on carpet: get to it quickly and blot don't rub. When you have a spill, cover it with a clean towel and blot to soak up as much of the spill as possible so it doesn't soak into your carpet fibers or padding. You may need to use more than one towel on a big spill. Check out more carpet care tips on this short video:

2. Vacuum regularly.

If you have a room or hallway that sees a lot of foot traffic, this may even mean daily. The sooner you get rid of loose dirt, the better chance you have of keeping it from being ground into your carpet. There really is a right and wrong way to vacuum. Check out these vacuum tips from Indianapolis carpet store Kermans to make sure you're cleaning your carpet properly.

3. Professional carpet cleaning.

You might want to wait until the kids are back in school for this one but annual carpet cleaning by a professional keeps your carpet looking and feeling like new.

Speaking of keeping carpets clean... check out this great coupon for a free Stainmaster pad from Indianapolis carpet store Kermans!
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When you are shopping for new carpet in Indianapolis, we encourage you to shop at Kermans. Many people assume that a 'big box' store will offer more affordable options than our locally owned and operated family business. This is not true - Kermans is an example of a family-owned flooring company with high-quality affordable flooring as well as high-end luxurious products, designs, and brands. We call it the Kermans Advantage and invite you to our Indianapolis carpet store to learn all about it. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hardwood flooring tips for kitchens

Is hardwood flooring a good idea in your kitchen? Yes!

Some people automatically reject hardwood flooring for their kitchen because they are worried about water damage. It's true that traditional, solid hardwood may not be the best choice for your kitchen but there are other fantastic wood flooring options to consider:

1. Laminate flooring 

Laminate brings look of nearly any hardwood with much easier maintenance requirements. In fact, many laminate floors are moisture resistant making them excellent candidates for your kitchen. Kermans is your best source for laminate flooring in Indianapolis. Learn more about laminate flooring.

2. Bamboo flooring 

A relative newcomer to the Indianapolis hardwood flooring market, bamboo offers the natural beauty of a hardwood and the moisture resistant qualities of laminated wood. Bamboo floors come in a variety of shades and carry the extra benefit of being an environmentally friendly flooring choice. Learn more about bamboo flooring. 

3. Cork flooring 

Cork might be one of the best wood flooring options for your kitchen. It is highly durable, comfortable, versatile and water resistant! Learn more about cork flooring.

The best way to clean hardwood floors 

If you're going to have wood flooring in your kitchen, you're going to want to know how to keep it clean. After all, the kitchen is a high traffic and spill area in most homes. Caring for wood flooring isn't as hard as many people think. Here are a few tips from Indianapolis hardwood flooring resource, Kermans:
  • Sweep your floor daily.
  • Clean up spills immediately with a clean towel.
  • Do not use cleaning products regularly. Use them to spot clean only to help maintain your wood's finish.
  • Place floor mats at entryways to collect dirt that might be tracked in.
  • Never wet mop your wood floor.

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Kermans is Indianapolis best resource for hardwood flooring. From traditional, solid hardwood to laminate floors and creative wood floor options like bamboo or cork - Kermans has you covered! Stop by our showroom on the northside of Indianapolis to see our selection. We think you'll be surprised at the variety of options and prices we have to offer!