February 15, 2018

When is the best time to install hardwood flooring?

Inviting hardwood floors invoke a sense of quality and elegance. Their permanence makes this flooring one of the most desired features for home buyers. Choosing to remodel and install hardwood flooring is a choice that will pay off, and here are some tips for timing the installation of your hardwood floors.

dark hardwood floor in dining room

February 8, 2018

How to use tile to make small bathrooms feel big

Most homes today have at least one small bathroom, and many older homes have more. Yet, small bathrooms don’t have to feel small. With the right colors and flooring choices, you can design a tiny bathroom to make it feel more open and welcoming.

small bathroom with light tile

February 1, 2018

Got those renter’s floor blues? Try an area rug

You deserve to feel at home whether you own or rent. But renting can sometimes feel like you’re locked into beige floors and cream-colored walls. You rarely get to make choices, and most of the time you have to just deal with a floor that is bland or not in the best shape.

area rug in rented apartment
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