September 22, 2016

Benefits of hard surface floors

Walk into our Indianapolis flooring store and ask our designers what type of floor they are asked about most often. The answer? Hard surface flooring. Hardwood, ceramic tile, luxury vinyl, porcelain tile - any floor with a hard surface is trending right now. It's easy to see why. There are more design options for hard surface floors than ever before. Match that up with their practicality and it's clear why hard surfaces are the king of Indianapolis flooring.

Hard surface floors are great for homes with pets

September 20, 2016

Carpet care tips for busy homes

Remember when you first got your new carpet? You were careful not to eat in that room. You made sure everyone took their shoes off at the door. Then after a month or so, life got back to normal. The kids ran across the carpet every day when they get home from school. You had a party and someone spilled something. Your hands were full and you dropped something dirty on the floor.

dirty jeans staining a beautiful pale, patterned carpet

Life happens and it's important that your carpet stands up to it. Indianapolis carpet store Kermans has a few tips to handle the worst that life can dish out to your carpet.

September 15, 2016

Floor care tips for: luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl - also known as resilient flooring - is a popular floor choice for many Indianapolis homes. Not familiar with luxury vinyl? It's a floor choice that brings all the easy maintenance and comfort of vinyl to the high-end look of hardwood or natural stone tiles. Honestly, people have a hard time telling the difference without getting on their hands and knees to look at the floor!

Luxury vinyl floor is both practical and beautifulYou know what can instantly tell the difference? Your budget. If you're looking for the look of natural hardwood floors or stone floors, consider luxury vinyl. It's a practical and affordable floor choice that can be installed in any room of your home.
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