September 19, 2019

Top 3 kitchen flooring trends for 2020

Getting a great kitchen is all about thinking about the details.

Whether you’re doing a minor update or a complete renovation, picking out the right kitchen flooring is a crucial decision. You’ll want to do your homework and gather lots of ideas to get it right (and make sure your new kitchen is a place in your home that you’ll love now—and look beautiful for years to come).

But, what if you aren’t sure where to look to make sure you get the kitchen of your dreams? Which kitchen flooring options are hot right now? What’s the secret to finding the best kitchen floors in 2020?

Keep reading to learn more about what’s new in kitchen floors and what kitchen flooring trends should be on your radar. Time to get inspired!

Kitchen flooring trends for 2020 include natural-looking options like hardwood

August 15, 2019

How to pick eco-friendly kitchen floors

During kitchen remodeling projects, we hear a lot of different reasons why people want "go green" with their flooring selection. Choosing eco-friendly has become more than just a fad.

For some customers, it's an extension of their environmentally conscientious lifestyle. Others feel it's their patriotic duty to consume less energy so that the U.S. is less dependant on fossil fuels to heat their homes. Some opt for eco-friendly kitchen flooring because they love the look and durability. Health-focused folks love the fact that it absorbs carbon emissions and creates good indoor air quality.

Whatever your reason is for exploring eco-friendly kitchen flooring options, keep reading this post. We'll help you get up to speed on which products will provide the best advantages for your kitchen flooring renovation.

Using hardwood in the kitchen is not only a durable but also eco-friendly

July 18, 2019

What to expect during the installation of new tile

Installing new tile is always a big project, no matter the size of your room.

That’s because the work of cutting and laying down tile requires special skills and tools if you want to get results that look good—and last.

An estimator will help you get your room’s dimensions, your flooring design consultant will help you create the perfect new space, and professional tile installers will put your new durable tile floors into homes.

The process of installing new tile in your home involves several steps
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