July 12, 2016

Custom area rugs in Indianapolis

Area rugs are more than just a trendy floor covering, in fact they've been around for centuries! Area rugs add a touch of softness to a hard surface floor. And they are a great way to update the look of a room without a complete floor makeover.

A colorful area rug adds comfort and style to any space

If you've been shopping for area rugs you may feel frustrated that you can't find just the one you have in mind. We've heard people say that rugs all start to look the same after awhile. That might be true in other Indianapolis carpet stores, but not at Kermans. Our selection of rugs is different from other area stores and we offer a big difference: custom area rug options.

Custom Indianapolis area rugs 

A common issue for people looking for an area rug is that can't find one exactly the right size for their space. For the most part, area rugs are available in a set range of sizes. What can you do if those sizes aren't right for your room? Talk to Kermans. We can cut an area rug out of nearly any carpet style that will fit just right. Find a carpet style that you like - and with the hundreds of options we have in store, we're certain you'll find just the right color and design - and we'll create an area rug for you!

Did you know that Kermans started our business focused on area rugs? We offer a wide range of area rugs hand-made and machine made in all ranges of designs. Learn more about area rugs and then stop by our Indianapolis carpet store to start shopping!

Kermans Flooring offers a wide variety of wood flooring, tile, area rugs & carpet for every budget. Kermans is a proud family-run business that has served Indianapolis and surrounding areas since 1921. We invite you to our showroom!

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